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Common Schematic Symbols Page 1

There are literally 1000's of schematic symbols out there, and you should never expect to know them all. There are about 10 that you should memorize, and the rest you can look up. Here we will show you some common schematic symbols and give a brief description of them. Some of them you may already know.

We'll start with common devices that are easy to grasp.


Schematic Symbol
Actual Image

This is a battery. Notice that the + side has been designated on the schematic. This means that a battery is a polarized component. Make sure you observe the polarity of the battery when using it. On the actual image, the + terminal is the bottom of the two. It is smaller and labeled (not visible in photo) with a + sign on the side of the battery.

Light Bulb

Schematic Symbol
Actual Image


Here we see a light bulb. A light bulb is not polarized, so you can hook it up with either terminal to either side of the battery. In the actual image the two places that you connect to the light bulb are the brass colored, threaded base and the silver colored tip at the very bottom.

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