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EasyGrow Greenhouse
Follow our adventure of assembling an 8x12 EasyGrow Greenhouse.
AVR Programming Guides
We have some nice AVR code samples to share. Lots of AVR goodies like timers, interrupts, and pin I/O for the beginner.
Watts Tables
Use these tables to help you determine how much various items in your house cost you by the day, month, and year.
Saving Electricity
A list of a variety of ways to help you save money by learning how much it costs to run things.
What is a Kilowatt Hour
Saving money on your electric bill starts with understanding what a kilowatt hour is.
How To Measure Watts
Learn a variety of ways to measure watts in your house.
Read Your Power Meter
By reading your power meter you can get a good idea of how much various electrical devices cost you.
Electronics Fundamentals
Learn some basic electronics fundamentals and see if you enjoy the field of electronics.

About Efundies.com

The goal of efundies.com is to provide the Internet with a collection of fun, free, electronics projects and advice.

If you are just getting started in electronics, be sure to check out our Fundamentals Guides. Efundies is short for "electrical fundamentals" on many engineering college campuses.

We use microcontrollers AVR and on Home Automation using the Insteon protocol.

The bulk of our site is listed under the Guides section. If unsure where to go, start there.

If you are new to Insteon, please see our Why Insteon page for a review of the Insteon network and devices.

Looking for Insteon Timer Config? Head to it's main page here.

Free Visual Basic source code and instructions for controlling your Insteon network can be found in the Insteon Software Hacking section.

If you are new to microcontrollers, hang tight, we will have much more info up soon including free source code, compilers, and advice on getting your microcontroller project off the ground. This site is very new, and it's contents are being activley developed. We have TONS of 8051 code to share.

If you have suggestions or additions, please visit the forums. Share your code, share your ideas, share your success. Together we will make homebrew Home Automation an excellent community on the web.

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Jason Bauer is an owner and programmer for Portforward.com. He's allergic to twitter and facebook, but you can find more of his articles in the Guides section.
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