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Saving Electricity

Lots of people ask us how much a certain device such as a computer, stereo, television or hot tub costs them to use. We get asked this question so much that we thought it would be helpful to others if we put together a collection of guides explaining how to answer this question for the devices that you want to know about.

Most people who ask this question are interested in reducing their overall power bill. In order to be effective at reducing your power bill, it is important to understand the basics of not only how much power costs, but also roughly how much power a variety of devices use. We also teach you the skills that you need to measure your own devices using a variety of methods.

If watts, kilowatts, and kilowatt hours are new terms to you, then please follow these guides in order. They are short and easy to follow, and it shouldn't take you very long to read them all. Then come back and use them as a reference when calculating your own values.

Lets start at the beginning. What is a Kilowatt Hour? You need to understand this basic unit in order to understand how to reduce your overall power consumption.

It is also very important to understand just how much electricity costs. Our Determine How Much You Pay For Electricity guide gives you 3 different methods for determining how much you pay for electricity, per kilowatt hour.

If you are interested in measuring your own devices, then you might want to read How To Measure Watts.

If you want to measure the power consumption of large, permanently wired devices such as hot tubs, well pumps, electric water heaters and stoves then you might want to read How To Read Your Power Meter.

We have large and growing database of how many watts lots of common household items consume. Check out our watts database to find the power consumption of a device, and see how much it costs you per day, per month, and per year.

We have many more guides coming soon, so keep checking back.

Saving Electricity

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