There Is No Place For Antibacterial Hand Soap In the Garden

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Bob Bauer
December 21, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 21, 2019

There is no place for antibacterial hand soap in the garden. Why kill the bacteria before washing them off your hands? They have a job to do wherever they're going. In fact bacteria are always doing their job just by being alive and eating. All of nature seems to fall into this category except mankind..

We get depressed when we lack purpose, and require validation from others. We need to feel significant beyond mere existence, and creating a garden can fulfill that need. Making a beautiful place is an ongoing process that consumes our time and thoughts, keeping "the wolf" at bay..

December 22, 2019

Growing veggies for the table, in a fenced off patch, is rewarding because you can add flowers, perennials and rocks to create a place that's enjoyable to be in. Sitting is part of the fun, and discoveries are rewarding. It becomes an environment that you get to control, where your efforts don't go to waste. The world is a busy place, your garden is not. Local gardeners that sell their produce feel rewarded that they can profit from their industeriousness, but I'm very happy to just plant enough for us..

I tried planting commercially once, and the fun went out of it. It all became work, with responsibility and goals that had to be met, just like back when I was making a living. Now I have the agenda of a five year old, and fulfill my purpose by just being thankful..

December 23, 2019

December is not a good time to try introducing your children to gardening. It's wet and cold out so they would rather be indoors playing video games. Heck, most adults would too. I find that being indoors causes me to get bored if I'm not reading or on the internet. Being outdoors, on the other hand, has me involved with all the vistas, be them vast or near at hand..

When I walk the flow of sights at my feet absorb my consciousness with it's infinite diversity. Sitting can overwhelm, because the panorama has so many layers of beautiful sights, and they interact, from the clouds in the sky to the invisible microbes in the soil. I just don't get bored outside. How much life is there in a single rain drop hanging from a pine needle?..

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