The Carrots are Up

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April 05, 2018 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

April 05, 2018

I got two jumbo four packs planted each of zucchini, watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew today and three six packs of perpetual spinach. I've been holding off until warmer weather to plant summer crops, but it rained today and I had my choice of kneeling down in the rain weeding, or sitting on the rug in front of the fake fireplace planting seeds. I realized that I want the perpetual spinach to be mature by the fall so I can cut it back to overwinter, so I needed to get it started now..

What I do have to remember to plant in the fall is Swiss chard because overwintering it under the mini greenhouses is rad. I'll try to do twice as much as last year and go more easy on planting kale..

April 07, 2018

The carrots are up. A nice solid row that's gonna need some thinnings. I sprinkled kinda heavy because the seeds were free. My son gave them to me and said I'll love the carrots because they're so sweet. They are called Scarlet Nantes and are half long..

Every time I pick one I'll be thinking that I could have had a whole carrot. He also said I should divide my artichokes. He's right, they are getting bushy, and this way I can have more artichokes to make up for my less carrots. The artichokes could use some fish emulsion this time of year, they are getting ready to form buds, unless you have kept them heavily mulched for a few years, in which case worm castings are probably giving them all the nitrogen they need..

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