Three Of My 10 Tadpoles Came Out Of Hiding Today

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Bob Bauer
April 15, 2018 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

April 14, 2018

Three of my 10 tadpoles came out of hiding today. Made me pause, and smile. From now on I'll be tiptoeing up to the pond to peek at how many are out. The puddle that they came from has dried out so these lucky survivors will carry on the line. It would be cool if they were toads. A ten toad garden would be an insects worst nightmare..

I used to sneak up on my goldfish pond and seldom saw them. They hid in the rocks all the time. Then one day I watched a garder snake swim along under water poking his nose into all the cracks between rocks. He found all the goldfish because I kept sneaking up to the pond and never saw them again :(..

April 15, 2018

The Cole crops are growing almost as fast as the weeds, despite the fact that they spent an extra two weeks in their six packs. The climate is perfect for them I guess because they are straight, thick, dark green, and bushy. The zucchini and melon in their jumbo four packs are growing fast also. Maybe too fast. They will require to remain in confinement until May 3rd to complete their four week growth, but might need to be divided into two trays before then..

I guess I could cut back on the light and temperature but I've no real experience trying to slow plants down. The shade cloth over the cabbage patch worked really well last summer so I guess I could give them some partial shade. They already seem too tall and shade will make them "leggy", so how do you spell cwanundrum?..

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