It's Time To Make Up Your Christmas List

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December 03, 2017 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 02, 2017

December is a good time to thin your strawberry plants. The stems that came out from your main plants, touched down on the ground and rooted, are called daughters. You can cut the stems and dig up the plants, replant the daughters, and double your strawberry patch. I have planted mine along the pathways because I didn't want to take up veggie planting room. They add a formal touch to the garden when designating where to walk..

I know i told you this last year but most of gardening is redundant. So is your heartbeat so be happy. You will continue to increase your strawberry harvests until you feel obliged to purchase some small canning jars in order to make freezer jam. If you keep the plants mulched and well watered you won't even need to add sugar..

December 03, 2017

It's time to make up your Christmas list and post it somewhere where your family can ignore it. The front of the refrigerator always works well for me. It's also a good time to make Christmas wreaths. All you really need is wire coat hangers and some twine. You can use pine, cedar, fir, juniper or rosemary branches with a red ribbon and some tree ornaments. If it turns out well you can hang it on your front door. If it looks kinda funky and misshapen you can hang it in the kids bathroom..

They will be extatic. Make one for the mailbox to show your neighbors some Christmas cheer too. Gifting to your gardener friends should not include plants. Even though I have a greenhouse, it doesn't mean I want to try to grow a banana tree. I've tried kiwi too. More effort goes into providing a healthy environment for specialty plants than is worth it and they are guaranteed to die as soon as you slacken..

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