Remember What Peace There May Be In Silence

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December 06, 2019 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 06, 2019

"remember what peace there may be in silence" is a line from the Desiderata, and this time of year we have both in the garden. The fog has replaced the shadows, and gray is in the air. Dormancy abounds and the gardens life is muted. Introspection is winter's gift, a time to analyze our priorities. A busy life is required in most societies in order to succeed, but garden time can be a metaphysical adventure, with routine tasks idling the mind into a meditative state..

It's a time to decorate and create. Letting the garden move you into making it a reflection of who you are and what you value. A place where you enjoy being, because it's beautiful..

December 07, 2019

I made a new pathway in the garden, or rather it made itself from where I continued to walk. Four days of slash and burn blackberries opened up a large area for planting. I'm thinking flowers, because there are big rocks and mounds already there. Alism, primrose, verbena, petunias, calendula, impatiens, and pansies could produce a pollinator extravaganza, because most veggie flowers are just yellow or white..

All these frivolous blobs of color can make a gloriously gaudy circus atmosphere, and entertain the child within us. The somber seriousness of the veggies will be lightened by their presence, even though they are only a "flash in the pan"..

December 08, 2019

My garden cats are weird. When I'm working on my knees they will come over and head butt me to get attention. If I pet them they move to just out of reach and stop. If I move over to continue petting them they will move out of reach again, but if i stay put they come back to head butt me again. It seems very contradictory to me, but it's a consistent and predictable behavioral pattern for them..

They also continue to go through my wire tunnels whenever I move them. It's like a cat magnet to them. They often get halfway through and lie down for awhile, acting startled when a bird flies overhead. I do enjoy it when they hop up on my lap when I'm sitting down though, because it gives me an excuse to not get up..

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