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AVR Programming Guides
We have some nice AVR code samples to share. Lots of AVR goodies like timers, interrupts, and pin I/O for the beginner.
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Electronics Fundamentals
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AVR Guides

If you are looking for a free C compiler for the AVR series of microprocessors, then you've come to the right place! In this series of guides we will show you how to install GCC for AVR using the WinAVR package. We will also help you get started programming in C with lots of sample code.

These guides focus on tips and tricks for using GCC on the AVR series of microprocessors. Most of this source code was tested on an ATMega32 chip in the STK500.

  • Getting Started With AVR
    This guide helps you get started with AVR, and explains why we use the STK500 for all of our testing.
  • The Basics - Installing GCC into AVR Studio
    Here is what you need to get started using C on the AVR. This guide introduces you to WinAVR, and how to setup AVR Studio to use GCC using the WinAVR package so that you can begin to program in C. This is a free C compiler for the AVR series.
  • C Skeleton File
    This skeleton file is the basis for all of our projects. It is simple and ready to go for all of your projects as well. It doesn't actually do anything, but we try to explain the basics behind it.
  • AVR Port Output using C
    This guide shows you how to do basic output on the AVR using the C language. This is based on our C skeleton file above.
  • Downloading your Compiled Output to your AVR Chip
    Now that you have generated a useful compiled output, you need to program it into your AVR so that it can run. In this guide, we use AVRStudio and an attached STK500 to program our Port Output program into an ATmega32 chip.
  • Bitwise Operations in C
    Before moving on to Port Input, we should talk about bitwise operations in C.
  • AVR Port Input using C
    Port Input on the AVR using C is pretty easy, this guide walks you through it.
  • AVR Port Input Decision Making
    Now that we can read an input from an AVR PIN, we can start making decisions based on whether or not a PIN is high or low.
  • Initialize the USART on the AVR and start sending data to a terminal program
    In this guide we fire up the USART for a set baud rate and begin to communicate with our PC terminal program.
  • Make a Menu on the AVR
    In this guide we make a menu that shows up on your terminal program, but does not block the microcontroller from doing its other assigned tasks.
  • How to Use printf on the AVR
    If you need formatted output in your AVR project, the printf is the way to go. It can format numbers that are stored in variables into standard ASCII characters for being displayed on a terminal.
  • Delays with the AVR and GCC
    GCC includes an accurate delay function that you can use for timing in your loops
  • Using Timers with Interupts on the AVR in C - Simple Example
    This guide shows you how to define an interrupt service routine and turns on a couple of timer interrupts.
  • Using Timers with Interupts on the AVR in C - More Complex Example
    Here is some more timer interrupt code, this time we keep track of seconds and respond to buttons in the main loop.
  • Coming soon - External Interupts on the AVR using C
  • Coming soon - Doing Free Running Analog To Digital Convertions on the AVR in C
  • Coming soon - Interupt Driven Analog To Digital Conversions on the AVR in C
  • Coming soon - PWM Motor Control on the AVR in C
  • Coming soon - Driving an RC Servo with Timers on the AVR in C
  • Coming soon - Using an LCD on the AVR with C
    In this guide we show you how to wire up and talk to a basic LCD devices using an AVR chip and the C language.
  • Coming soon - TWI on the AVR with C
    Here's a nice guide to get your TWI projects off the ground.
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