When it Freezes Leave Some Water Running at Night

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Bob Bauer
December 09, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 08, 2016

We had a 22° night and it wilted the artichokes. It was only one night so they look fine now. They can take the cold if it doesn't last too long. No faucets broke because I wrap them with rags and put a bucket over them..

I also run water in the garden whenever it is going to get down to 26° or lower. I found that by putting a spray nozzle on the end of the hose and turning the faucet full on, then unscrewing the hose at the faucet until a small stream of water starts squirting out will not freeze up like just running a trickle. I think it's because of the pressure, because if you just crack the faucet open the water freezes and stops flowing..

December 09, 2016

Most of what I see when I look at the oak trees this time of year is killing them. They are covered in mistletoe, lichens and moss. It's a beautiful silhouette against the sky and remindes us old people to rejoice. Many of the willows still have their golden leaves but some have lost them and formed golden buds. Nature has spread out the reproductive cycles of its plant kingdoms to ensure their survival..

Plants can thus adjust to climate perturbations within certain parameters. The asteroid that is suspected to have caused the ice age was only six miles in diameter. Compared to the size of the earth it was a speck of sand. It's hard to believe that it could wreck such havoc..

December 11, 2016

Back when I had a desk job I'd like to come home in the evening and turn a row over in the garden. It felt good to use some of the muscles that were dormant all day. You dig moving backwards so you watch the soil crumble as you go and it's therapeutic to a stressed out brain. Your muscles output waste products and carbon dioxide and are replenished with oxygen and sugar..

Much like watering the garden in which the water forces out the carbon dioxide as it flows in, and draws in oxygen rich air as it flows through. The garden needs water just like your muscles need movement even though your brain feels sedentary..

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