My Youngest Son Got a Pop up Greenhouse

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January 14, 2020 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Photography of Leafless Tree Surrounded by Snow
Photography of Leafless Tree Surrounded by Snow

January 14, 2020

My youngest son got a pop up 6'x8' greenhouse so he can now grow moldy veggies through the winter like I do. He doesn't want to 'pop it up' until snow is out of the forecast because he doesn't want to start his flower seeds in an igloo. Greenhouses are fun for all gardeners because they tempt us to try different things. We can extend the growing season on both sides of summer, and propagate new plants from stems. We have a place to keep tender starts out of harm's way, and keep our most often used tools handy..

The way you use the greenhouse changes from year to year. I used to enjoy having shelves along the sides for trays of seeds, but now I'm content with only a shelving unit in back. I like planting in the dirt in the raised beds along the sides, and keeping my chair in front of the shelves..

January 15, 2020

Gardening tips for the month of January include gathering the branches of quince, forsythia and fiowering cherries to bring inside to force early bloom. Reapplying or redistributing mulches that have blown away. Preparing and storing potting soil in clean containers. Preping the soil in front of your pea trellis for February 2nd. planting..

It's the time of year for pruning. You can get rid of the dead branches and cut out the ones that are growing too close. A goal is to increase air circulation as well as limit the number of fruit that will form. You will probably need to thin the fruit as they grow anyway because nature is so abundant..

January 16, 2020

The crocus are up. Such a welcome sign of spring that I made a circle around them in the dirt so I wouldn't inadvertently step on them. The garlic are up too. Sturdy green spikes in a tight patch like a bed of nails. I always enjoy how healthy the garlic looks. Their dark green color contrasts with all the pale greens at this time of year, like they are in their element. There are tiny lavender flowers on some weeds in the greenhouse. Why do I have weeds in the greenhouse if I'm retired you ask?. I dunno..

Some weeds are not adversarial anymore. I truly like dandelions. They exemplify all the traits of nature that I admire. Strong growers with deep roots. Tenacious survivors in adverse conditions. Beautiful flowers that turn into fluffy seed heads that kids like to blow on, and laugh at the dispersion, as if they are making bubbles. Plus the flowers can be made into dandelion wine. Fun for young and old..

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