Flowers in the Veggie Garden

I have lots of flowers in my vegetable garden, not because I plant them, but because I let the ones that come up go to seed. I used to think of them as eye candy, then I realized that their vibrant colors probably attract more pollinators to the area than the standard yellows and whites of the veggies. Hollyhocks and snapdragons blossom all summer. Love in a Mist has a short bloom time but end up staying almost all winter because of their interesting seed pods. They are a dried floral delight.

The concept of planting flowers in the veggie garden is known as “companion planting”. There are lots of well known companion plants that can really make your gardening easier and more productive.

If you have an aphid problem in your garden try planting some marigolds of the Calendula variety (not the Tagetes type). They are known to keep aphids away. Other aphid repellents that aren’t flowers include mints, onions, garlic, coriander, oregano, and dill. I suppose any of those can become a flower if you ignore it enough.

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