A Flock of Sparrows Dive Bombed

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February 01, 2020 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 2 minutes
Green and White Bird on White Flowers
Green and White Bird on White Flowers

February 01, 2020

A flock of sparrows dive bombed into the garden like a swarm of locust yesterday. They were everywhere, covering all the plants, and scarifying the ground. Every square foot seemed to have a bird in it and they were "hopp'n and a bopp'n" with frantic haste. They then all left at once, in an instant, reminding me there's safety in numbers.They make such a hullabaloo that preditors are attracted, and they best not stay in one place too long..

A tree frog began it's critch'n in the grape vines, and a ground squirrel darted across the path. Sure signs of spring. Bulbs are sending up green shoots and there are multiple shades of grass coming up. I get the feeling that all the signs of spring will have come and gone before the first day of spring (March 19th) actually gets here this year..

February 02, 2020

I planted peas yesterday. It's a bit early but it was 61° out, sunny and warm, and the standing water in my paths was gone. Kneeling in the warm sun is my favorite pastime and I wasn't about to let the day be missed. There were no freezes in the forecast and the way this spring has been going warmer temps are anticipated. I found an old garden journal entry from our local extension service that said to plant peas on January 25th..

I've never taken heed of this advice because I knew it was directed at the valley floor. I'm 400 ft. higher and that small distance makes a significant difference in temperature that's very noticeable when dealing with spring and fall frosts..

February 03, 2020

I'm continuing to get rats in my trap. I must be up to 9 or 10 by now. One escaped as I was handling the trap and instead of scurrying across the garden it hopped on it's hind legs. Kangaroo rats are as cute as gerbils. The overwintered spinach has gotten it's outer leaves a bright yellow. It's a sure sign they are in waterlogged soil and may not make it..

Root rot seems to be easy for spinach to get, but I found some really clear plastic that I can see through easily, so I've covered the tunnels that are covering the double rows for spring planting, and will start spring spinach early this year too. It's in a raised bed so the soil should not be too wet. I also got the overwintered cabbage covered with fabric cloth because they had outgrown the tunnels. Birds would sit on the wire and poke their beaks through..

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