Merry Christmas Gardeners

Merry Christmas all you gardeners, I hope you got some fun garden stuff (like straw). I got three cloches and two pop up mini greenhouses. I can extend my gardening earlier in the spring and later into the fall. I have corragated greenhouse plastic that I’ve cut into little circles that I put over my mounds in the spring to get an early start, and I put clear plastic down to heat the soil.

It’s fun to get early veggies and zucchini is what I concentrate on. I’ve gotten enough for dinner by father’s day, but this year, with the mini greenhouses, I’ll try to beat that. I’ve never gotten tomatoes by July fourth though so that elusive goal is not so far away anymore.

I found a frozen earthworm next to a frozen grey slug this morning. The slug looked like an orcha with light grey and dark grey sections. Most of my garden slugs are dark tan and plain looking. Some of the woodland slugs are spotted tan and remind me of tigers, so I call them tiger slugs.

I marvelled at how similar earthworms and slugs are, yet are on the opposite sides of a gardeners preference. They are both slimy soil dwellers that eat decomposing organic matter and process it for the soil microbes to feed on. If the slugs would just stay off the live plants we wouldn’t have to kill them. Einstein said if we lose the pollinators we have but four years. I wonder if we lost the earthworms how long we would have?

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