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December 07, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 02, 2016

One of the handiest tools I have in the greenhouse is a pull saw. It cuts right through the two inch thick artichoke stalks. I can also cut the Swiss chard patch back to ground level in a mater of minutes. I carry it into the woods to cut bean poles, and in the garden any branches that clippers can't handle..

I grow ornamental grasses that get tall and spread out, and I can just grab a handful, twist a half turn and saw them off. Using a clippers would take forever and you know us geezer gardeners, " I ain't got time for that"..

December 07, 2016

Christmas is coming and if there's a gardener on your list they will be the easiest to shop for. Just go into any gardening section in any store and find something in your price range. We love everything, and will use it eventually, but maybe not the way it was intended. I got a batch of bamboo tomato stakes one year and ended up using them to hold the bird netting above the Swiss chard patch. The best gift I got was a seed starting set with the peat pellet inserts and a clear plastic top with a heating mat under it. I reuse it with seed starting mix..

A pull saw is a must for every garden, as well as a water wand. Hand held trimmers, a weeder and a garden tool belt would look spiffy above a pair of knee pads. Tight gloves are awesome in the winter time, rough leather gloves more comfortable in the summer. A short handled pitchfork and a hula hoe hang nicely next to a nylon handled shovel and rake..

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