I Can’t Believe I’m Going To Need to Drag out the Weed Eater

I can’t believe I’m going to need to drag out the weed eater this time of year. The weeds in the garden are growing like it’s spring time. Some of the pathways that I’ve weed-eated over and over are now low growing and solid like ground cover. I’m good with that. It’s nature’s choice, and doesn’t interfere with the veggies. I can spend time undoing what nature prefers, because weed free pathways look more under control and aesthetically pleasing than weedy ones, or I can begin changing my view of what’s more beneficial to my ecosystem. For now my pathways are just cover crops that never get turned under 🙂

No gardening got done on this Christmas Eve. The rain drove me into the greenhouse where a cat fell asleep on my lap. I couldn’t get up until I had to pee, and then it was time to clean stalls. The horses got left in longer because of the downpour, so they ate all of their hay and I didn’t get any mulch 🙁 The rain is extremely welcome and is a month late. Mushrooms that usually come up in November are starting to show now. The ponds are beginning to fill and are fun to watch. Pathways are turning to creeks, and puddles abound. Water should be stored from the heavy rainfalls instead of running off to the ocean. Summer irrigation with clean water should be a high priority for all countries.

It’s funny how excited I got when the USDA changed our hardiness zone to 8b. I thought our growing season had been expanded so I planted everything early. Everything did terrible and I thought they had made a mistake. Today I realized that the change was based on records they had been keeping for years, so it was not as much a predictor of future events as it was a report on the past. I need to go back to what was working for me before I heard of the change. I am not on the valley floor, and the 400′ of difference is much more significant than I realized. I’m antsy to start my spring six packs on this day after Christmas. I can shelter them in February when I transplant out. I enjoy moving them in and out every day. I call them ” my babies”. I gave them life and now I get to raise them 🙂

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