Happy New Year Gardeners

Sitting inside the greenhouse door, watching the snow blow horizontally by, listening to the freight train roar of the wind, I wondered if I should put off starting my spring garden. Some days gardening is just an excuse for not doing other things like work. This was one of those days. Watch the snow and ponder.

I realized that my indoor January starts of lettuce and spinach were going to be planted directly into the greenhouse beds as soon as they developed their root system, so anytime in February would be OK. The broccoli and cauliflower starts might need a cover of plastic for awhile but I’ve got that taken care of. I have wire hoops with bird netting already attached so I just cover them with plastic. I guess all systems are go. Spring peas get planted outdoors February 2nd, and for you adventurous types, spinach on the 5th.

All that horizontal snow blow yesterday changed directions last night and fell straight down onto the garden. All my “pretty pictures” are gone as if someone wiped the whiteboard clean. It reminds me of a moonscape and it’s still coming down.

I’m glad I have seed starter mix left over from last year so l can plant my six packs indoors today otherwise I would be cooking some garden soil. If you spread it on a cookie sheet, and heat it to160° , you can use it to plant seeds in without worrying about damping off disease. I’ve never tried it because I don’t cook. but I think adding some vermiculite would help keep the soil from compacting too much.

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