We Have 25 Degree nights In The Forecast

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Bob Bauer
November 06, 2018 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 2 minutes

November 06, 2018

We have 25°nights in the forecast for several days so it's time to cover the faucets. We have 11 of them, and need to use them all winter long to keep the horse troughs full, so they need to be easy to get to. I wrap them in old rags to insulate them, and cover them with a bucket to keep the rags dry. The pumps need to be drained and ball valves moved to the open position. The light bulb in the pump house should be checked and its Therma cube tested. Draining the irrigation lines and blocking off attic vents should about cover it..

Maybe I'll get some gardening in tomorrow. I did spray a jet stream of water down into the gray sticky aphid mess in the center of the cauliflower and they now look a lot better. They perked up so we're in need of water. When will I ever learn?..

November 07, 2018

The mysterious magic of seeds has fascinated gardeners for generations. The more scientific analysis of their processes advance our knowledge of their capabilities, the more questions arise concerning their abilities. Two sets of DNA, encapsulated by a water impermeable membrane, can remain dormant for years in the ground. Temperature increases can render the outer shell vulnerable to moisture and the process of germination begins. Specialized root cells begin growing out of the bottom, adjusting to a hostile environment. The stem cells emerging from the top face a whole different set of hazards..

The microbes, bacteria and fungus that attack the roots are different than the ones that digest the stem. What's going on in the center of the seed? It's a well designed, organized machine that unfolds. As soon as the stem cells see daylight they need to begin preparing for above ground threats. The machine begins transferring energy from photosynthesis to root growth, and nutrients from the roots to stem and leaf development. Toxins will be concocted if the leaves are eaten, which are specifically designed for the type of pest doing the damage..

November 08, 2018

Each seed has the primary responsibility of replicating itself. In order to do that it needs to create a whole new parent plant. It's a long and complex process that also provides food for insects, and herbivores. Along the way the seed decentralizes itself, and the entire plant becomes a machine. It's a much more active machine than most people realize. The transportation of water and microbial exudates is a continuous movement upward, while energy and carbon constantly are transferred to the root zone..

The sunlight hitting the leaves gets absorbed as heat and some of it is used to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water, releasing oxygen for us to breath, and creating sugar for it to use. It removes carbon from the atmosphere to make it's cells, and stores carbohydrates for energy throughout the night. It's tiny root hairs are in communication with soil microbes and receive nutrients on demand. Hard to believe huh? Plants and animals are talking..

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