It’s Raining Toads

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Bob Bauer
October 16, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

October 15, 2016

One summer I had a big toad living under my zucchini plant. I thought it was so cool that I kept moving the leaf to look at it. Needless to say it soon departed. I built a small pond so that if it came back it would have a place to donate tadpoles, but I got mosquito larvae instead..

I put goldfish in the pond to eat the mosquito larvae, and attracted snakes to eat the goldfish. I bought mosquito dunks to kill the larvae and watched an abundance of birds enjoying the pond and eating my transplants. Pond is gone..

October 16, 2016

There was so much rainwater flowing down my garden pathways today that I couldn't even walk through it without my rubber boots on. They say you should stay out of the garden when it rains anyway, because in the summer you spread diseases, and in the winter you compact the soil. I ignore both of those caveats because where's a geezer gonna go? The bowling alley? I tread lightly though, rain or shine because I'm very much aware of the village of micro organisms beneath my feet. If the soil squishes down as I walk, I slow down..

I literally tiptoe between pathways because I've spent so much time making the soil fluffy with mulch and compost. The air pockets are priceless ..

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