Compost In Place

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Bob Bauer
August 02, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: About 1 minute

August 04, 2016

Sometimes I inadvertently leave a pile of weeds in the garden only to come back to find them dried, tan and crumbly. If I pick them up to put in the compost pile the ground underneath is damp and teeming with earthworms and sow bugs. Sometimes I'll just throw more weeds on top or some more aesthetically pleasing mulch. I don't turn the compost pile as much as I should so those weeds may not ever make it back into the garden soil, which is a shame..

I currently have several mini compost piles enriching my garden soil in assorted places. The first sentence in the first paragraph of the gardening 101 handbook is Mulch your soil. The last sentence on the last page of the nineteen volume gardening encyclopedia is Mulch you soil..

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