Chase off a Raccoon with a Radio

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Bob Bauer
July 28, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: About 1 minute

July 28, 2016

I put the radio on in the garden last night, tuned to an all night talk show, and the raccoon stayed away. I guess he cares as little about other people's opinions as I do. There are lots of blackberries ripening now so maybe his "grubbing" was just a diversion. Glad to get rid of him before he discovered the corn. The shade tunnel has brought life back to the broccoli plants. I decided to give all my cole crops some partial shade until this heat wave is over. They don't like 96° days any more than I do..

Their leaves were getting dull looking, not shiny, and they are falling over. The watermelons are ripening so I've cut their water back. It was easy this year with the water wand. I lay it across the cantaloupe and honeydew mounds and skip the watermelons. The ice pick holes were clogging up so I drilled eighth inch holes every four inches. I can really flood stuff now..

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