Pollen on the Corn

I see pollen on the first planting of corn leaves today so I will stop overhead watering. You don’t want to wash any off after you’ve gone to all the effort to get them to cross pollinate. Corn takes a lot of room for just two ears per plant but I keep remembering how much every part of the plant used to be used.

Dried in the field, the stalks would go into the barn loft to feed the livestock through the winter. The corn on the cobs could be stored in gunny sacks to be used as needed for cornbread and whisky all winter long while you sit in front of the corncob fire. Your kids would be sleeping on the dried leaves so you could hear them every time they rolled over and you would have plenty of venison jerky from all the dear you shot that were attracted to your corn patch.

My first planting is about 6′ tall and dark green. My 2nd planting is about 3′ with top pollen tassels and pale green. Same seed pack of 62 day corn so I’m thinking not enough nitrogen in the second planting soil.

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