Brussels Sprouts

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Bob Bauer
July 01, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: About 1 minute

July 01, 2016

If you enjoy the taste of fresh Brussels sprouts as much as I do it's time to plant them now. You don't want to start them in early spring because they won't form the little heads in the hot summer. We plant them early to mid summer so they will ripen in the cooler weather of fall. They take 120 days to mature and their flavor improves with a few frost's so we aim to have them ripen in November..

I sprinkle the seeds thinly in a 12' row with the intention of transplanting all but 6 in that row to whatever spots become available. They like to be 2' apart for good air circulation and to inhibit the success of aphids. I have a board over them for a few days because the summer sun would dry out the soil in a few hours..

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