Use a Machete To Harvest in the Fall

I spread a nice thick layer of compost over the asparagus bed today. It still has the hay flakes down both sides so it !looks like a raised bed. Very cool. It’s funny how we think of our plants growing up out of the ground as being made up of material from the ground, when in fact they are made of carbon from the air.

The kale is loving this warm fall and it’s formed purple and green bushes, almost too pretty to pick, but The Cook has been putting apple cider vinegar on it after it’s cooked and it tastes a bit exotic. She’s putting apple cider vinegar on the Swiss chard also, so I’m having a difficult time telling them apart.

I finally found the right way to use a machete today. Stand facing what you want to cut and swing the machete in X’s in front of you. It slices the stems instead of hitting them head on and makes twice as many cuts as my old way. I used to stand sideways and swing downward so as not to whack my knee but hitting branches strait on doesn’t cut the way a slice does.

I have grapevines all along my garden fence, and they need cutting back about four times a year because their roots go a long way into the garden and suck up lots of water. It’s not an ideal situation but the privacy is priceless.

As I was weeding the back fence line in the garden I came across numerous slugs, and realized this warm fall is creating a banner year for them. If I don’t get going on eliminating them now, the spring will be a disaster. I laid down a line of Deadline slug killer and covered it with a board so the cat can’t step in it. It’s toxic and affected by rain so the board does double duty. I’ve got more boards so I think I should start working my way around the garden with them.

My sheet composting really doesn’t help keep slugs away but they are providing a beneficial service by eating it. It’s when they come out that the trouble starts.

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