The Overwintered Swiss Chard Tastes like Spinach

The overwintered Swiss chard from under the mini greenhouses tasted so much like spinach last night that I had to go check to make sure the spinach bag was still in the fridge.

I can now understand the benefits of using Remay row covers in the winter. Keeping the birds and bugs off and allowing the plants to withstand the worst of the cold nights pays off with an early and abundant harvest. We’ve gotten four jam packed gallon size bags of the perpetual spinach that overwintered in the greenhouse already.

What a great beginning to the spring planting season. We are harvesting lettuce from the other side of the greenhouse now and when that ends I’ll plant a double row of perpetual spinach to see if we can get it to overwinter. The bed that I’m picking from is two years old so it won’t be coming back next spring.

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