Plant Your Corn in Blocks

I planted the fifth block of corn today. I have found that spacing my plantings out every couple of weeks allows me to eat fresh corn on the cob all summer long. Planting in blocks or squares allows all the plants access to each others pollen, whereas planting in rows lets pollen blow away in the wind.

After the corn in each block is harvested I don’t pull the stalks up. I cut them off right below ground so the roots can decompose through the winter making a nutrient lined tunnel for water to trickle down. I then have room for fall garden crops like broccoli and cauliflower down the rows between theĀ  corn roots. If my wife’s horses didn’t like corn stalks so much I might try to find a place to use them as mulch, like down the fence line behind the melon mounds.

I like to make my blocks 4 x 6, which is 4 rows of 6 plants. I find that this is a good balance for pollination and ease of harvest.

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