I’ve Gotten Over My Snit With The weed eater

I’ve gotten over my snit with the weed eater. It’s now my magic wand that turns weeds into ground cover. I know it’s a healthy alternative to Round Up and am beginning to believe it may be more earth friendly than trying to suppress weeds with thick mulch. Weeds produce oxygen, keep the ground cooler with their shade, and sequester carbon. They raise the gardens humidity and allow for a more diverse ecosystem. They increase the shelter available for our friendly insect helpers, help prevent erosion, and break up the soils compaction with their roots. Occultation is an excellent way to prepare the ground for planting, but if you’re not going to use that spot, the weeds will just grow back again. Better to just top the weeds once in awhile unless you have an infinite supply of mulch.

I went to cut back the Perpetual Spinach that bolted in the greenhouse and the tiny root balls came out of the ground as I handled the stems. I ended up just pulling them up and realized how weird it was that the roots never grew into the surrounding soil. I don’t know why that happened. It might have to do with the little six pack cells curling the roots info a circle from which they couldn’t escape, or the encompassing soil restricted their advancement. Soil that is worked when it’s too wet can cause it to lose its porosity and inhibit plant root growth. The perils of transplanting out of six packs continue to unfold. I’ll direct seed a double row and hope for the best. Fall spinach planting time is August 1st.

Zucchini season is upon us. If I don’t pick every other day the earth will tilt on its axis. If you see the neighbors rolling up their car windows as you approach, they have probably had enough of your garden delight. Grinding them up for winter soup stock only puts a small dent in the ongoing supply channel. I could eat zucchini bread until the cows come home so I give the biggest ones to people that I know bake. We eat it almost every night and I don’t seem to ever get tired of it. One night the cook forgot to use garlic powder on it and I almost spit it out. Maybe it’s the taste of garlic that I love. First picking of corn is on the kitchen counter. If my timing is right we will get four ears a day until the end of summer. It’s time to lock the garden gate 🙂

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