Had a Prankster Visit the Garden Last Night

Had a prankster visit the garden last night. I found the zip lock bag that I keep my bar soap in shredded. Half the bar is missing and what’s left is full of teeth marks. I don’t find any tracks and it’s never happened before so I don’t know.

I saw a grey fox sprinting along the fence line the other day, actually I really only saw his long fluffy tail. He was in tall grass and moving fast so it just looked like a hyphen going across the horizon. He may be the culprit. Slim pickens out there if he has to eat soap. I’m tempted to feed him but I’d hate for the dogs to encounter him. I think he might be better off eating dirt.

They’ve found microbes in the soil that digest antibiotic resistant bacteria and been able to synthesize it instead of just collecting it. This is good news for mankind because time is running out for our current antibiotics. Sometime in the future when you tell someone to eat dirt, you may be giving them sound medical advice.

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