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December 08, 2016 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 1 minutes

December 05, 2016

We finally had a killer frost. Game's over. I chopped off the corn stalks that were planted in my pathway at the ground to let the roots decompose in the soil all winter. It will be better ground next year. I spread a thick layer of compost over it. I now have a new 3' x 10' corn patch..

I don't know where I'll walk yet but hey, free corn. I'll find out where a pathway should go like I did with most of my other pathways. I look at the ground and see where it's all smashed down from my walking on it and then throw mulch on it. New pathway. Most of my pathways curve around mounds and planting patches because that's how I roll..

December 06, 2016

Having some large decorative rocks in the garden adds a feeling of nature. They break up the flatness of the ground and add structure to the landscape. The ones in the shade will grow moss on them and the ones in the sun will grow lichen and give the lizards a place to sunbathe. They also keep you from planting all of your rows in strait lines because your pathways go around them..

Parts of your garden will probably have perennials in it and that is where the large rocks fit in nicely. I !et the volunteer flowers that come up around them stay but weed them out of the veggie planting areas so I can have color and produce..

December 10, 2016

A pansie came up in the garden this summer and is still flowering and perky. I haven't had pansies in there for over five years. It's hard to believe seeds can last that long in the soil. I'm going to let it go to seed and be careful with my mulching and weeding and maybe I'll get a pansie patch next year..

I used to have calendula and sweet Williams come back year after year but I must have gotten too vigorous with my hula hoe. You can grow a ton of flowers in your veggie garden because you relegate them to the sidelines and wee spaces. Little bit here, little there and soon you will be attracting pollinators from all over the neighborhood to increase you veggie yields..

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