I Picked Both Zucchini And Squash Bugs

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June 17, 2018 (Last Updated: ) | Reading Time: 4 minutes

August 20, 2016

The last 14 corn seeds came up. I planted 15 so germination was excellent. I didn't have room for them at the time so I planted them three wide across one of my larger pathways. What a geek. Now I walk through a corn patch every day. It makes me smile though, and if gardening isn't fun we should find a new hobby..

I experiment and discover, then wonder and Google it. I've learned a lot of stuff I don't care about trying to find the answer to a garden mystery. Discovery is a big part of the enjoyment of life for me now. Sometimes observing the way everything is in constant motion from the gentle breeze reminds you that every moment is unique, and we will never pass this way again..

December 19, 2017

December is a good time of year to plant bushes and trees. They are already dormant so you won't be impeding their growth. The old adage was to dig a $5 hole for a 50¢ plant, but it's now recommended to make the holes only slightly larger than the root ball, so the roots can grow into the solid surrounding soil and add stability go the plant. They also thought adding compost to the soil before you put it back around the roots was a good idea, but the plant will be susceptible to the wind for a longer time. Just use the soil that came out of the ground..

Be sure to spread the roots out a little, like you do your six packs, so that the root tips can grow out away from the plant and into the supporting ground. Back in my 20s I dug a hole for a one gallon guava tree that was big enough to bury a child. My wife had to come out of the house to ask me what I was doing. What a geek..

June 17, 2018

I picked both zucchini and squash bugs today. I can't believe the bugs are at it already. Having experienced first hand what they can do to a plant I didn't hesitate to grab them with my fingers. No time to go get the spray bottle full of soapy water, they were all connected to each other by their butts. You know what that means. The babies and juveniles are much harder to deal with because they run around to the other side of the leaves when they see you. I'm an insect lover but grabbing a squash bug is revolting..

They look too much like spiders and they wiggle in your fingers and crunch when you squeeze. I tried throwing them on the ground to squash them but one would often get away. Once they get populated on the plant they cause it to stop producing. It gets droopy and weak so the pill bugs start feeding on it where it touches the ground. If you continue to eliminate them the plant can come back but you've lost a month of zucchini..

June 18, 2018

The mint growing in the garden seems to be really enjoying the weed eater. Cutting off the tops must encourage root growth because they are spreading out. I'll call them ground cover and just go ahead and walk on them for now. It will add a pleasant fragrance to a casual stroll. Maybe, like marigolds, it will deter insect pests from easily finding their host plants. The hollyhocks are getting thinned now that they are tall enough to shade the veggies..

They get removed little by little as I notice them throwing shadows at various times of day. Only a few clumps will be left before long, even though they are my favorite garden flower. They get so tall that it's impressive. The wind sways them so there is always movement, and their flowers are preferred by the bumblebees so ya gotta love em..

June 19, 2018

I removed a stand of tall hollyhocks the other day because it was shading my second planting of cauliflower. Now the temperature has soared into the 90°s and I may have to rig up some shade cloth for them. What a geek. I thought they weren't growing fast enough because of the shade. It may have been because of the temperature. This warm spring might be adverse to their maturing slowly enough to produce large heads..

The peas will stop producing in this heat. They are very temperature sensitive that's why the saying " Get your peas in by St. Patrick's Day" got started. You want them from to mature before the heat of summer sets in. Hot spring days are ideal for sitting in the garden shade shelling peas, watching humming birds and drinking cool water from a cup..

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