Brussels Sprouts Leaves are Edible

The winter beets are getting kind of thick skinned so I pretty much have to peel the whole thing before I cut it up for the cook. Summer beets are thin skinned and tender so they only get the tan part at the top peeled. The leaves need not go in the compost pile, they are delicious sautéed.

I found out that the Brussels sprouts leaves are edible too, so I won’t be pulling them up to kill the slugs under them after all. I wonder how many other things that I’m composting are edible like cauliflower leaves and broccoli leaves?

I didn’t have to cut back the horseradish plant this year, the slugs ate it to the ground. I have an army of slugs working in the garden and I’m glad I discovered it early. Warm fall, lots of rain. Ounce of prevention and all that.

There are live slugs under the boards that I put down with Deadline under them and the Deadline is gone. That means there were more slugs than poison. Banner slug year, I’ll need to get a recipe. Escargot sans shell.

I cut the asters in the garden back today, they were done blooming and looking a bit forlorn. All the pollinators are gone now so it’s beginning to feel like winter. No more bumblebees in the hollyhocks, but the garden is still pretty full of plants and dried seed stalks. I don’t pull everything up when it’s finished anymore because many times an empty space is worse than a spent planting. Sometimes, you get free seeds.

I let some lettuce plants go to seed this year and then I realized that the packet of seeds that I just finished was four years old. I sprinkle 3-4 seeds in each cell of a six pack instead of planting in rows so no seeds go to waste or are thinned. There are beau coup seeds in a pack of lettuce and it’s the best value for $1.69 that I know of.

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