I Sharpened My Hula Hoe Today

I sharpened my hula hoe today and plan on keeping it sharp. It made a huge difference in ease of weeding. I’ve been used to small one inch weeds but this spring I’ve got behemoths. On my knees, with my knee pads on, I could truck along and feel the burn in my arms and shoulders before my back even thought about complaining. I’ve now got renewed faith in an almost weed free garden. I raked up the weeds and laid them down in a windrow along one side of the first corn patch. The corn will love me.

A few days of sunshine and the soil is drying out already. I’ve got cracks in the garden wherever there is no mulch. All my weeds are going in windrows now because it looks much better than piles.

I got a double row of beets planted, a row of lettuce and a row of carrots. The beets got spaced 1″ apart, just like the package recommends, because I’ve been getting such a good rate of germination that I’ve been thinning out more beets than I’ve been leaving. It’s a waste and gets on my nerves.

The lettuce got sprinkled thickly, like salt on a hard boiled egg, because the seeds are going on three years old and it’s time for a new package. They will come up in a thick row and I won’t thin them. One year I used a scissors to harvest a little at a time and enjoyed watching the row grow back. The carrots got planted at a rate somewhere in between. I’ll have to thin them but baby carrots rock.

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