Garden Chair

My favorite garden tool is my lawn chair that tips back to get the kinks out of my back. I move it from sun to shade and do most of my prioritizing from it. From this throne I can see when the corn leaves are starting to turn dull, or the zucchini leaves wilt and know it’s time to water.

I watch the pollinators and marvel that the honey bee alone increases our yields by 20%. I watch the Robin’s pulling up earthworms and am thankful they aren’t eating the plants leaves like the tiny yellow finches that can devastate the Swiss chard. My only solution for them is bird netting.

I like to see the sun hitting my plants leaves. Photons are gardeners God particles. It’s totally amazing the energy they provide for all the activity that the plants need to carry out. Plants are as busy as ant nests with all the energy travelling to the roots to extract nutrients to send back up with water and minerals to the leaves and stems.

adirondack -garden-chair

Put a chair in your garden. Next you get tired of weeding you can sit back and appreciate what you have created, which is a big part of what gardening is all about.

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