Fall Garlic is Up Already

The garlic is up already. What a surprise. The soil must still be warm and it must makes a huge difference. I’m used to planting in November and waiting a month or more. The little shoots look just like corn coming up, and they are planted in a corn patch so I smiled, like it was spring already.

Maybe I’ll just pretend for awhile, I mean why not? Snapdragons are coming up all over the garden and buttercups all over the woods. I heard a tree frog today and saw a honeybee. There will be plenty of time for winter later on.

The cauliflower that I thought was taking its dear sweet time was actually hiding the heads with a thick tangle of criss crossed leaves. The outer leaves are huge like elephant ears but the inner ones are small and twisted. Cauliflower usually presents itself before it’s ready to harvest by pushing up the head into the sunlight.

People pull the outer leaves over the head and tie them together to keep the sun from turning the heads tan. These cauliflower have gone to great pains to keep from getting picked. I think maybe too much fish emulsion allowed them overgrowth. I can’t keep blaming everything on the weather.

I picked the birdhouse gourds today, even though we haven’t had a frost yet, because I didn’t want them to start molding like the butternut squash did. They were grown up a tomato tower, so the gourds we’re not resting on the ground, but all the leaves were dying. They were surprisingly light so they might have been curing in the air.

I don’t want to attract birds, but planted them for the grandchildren because, you know, they haven’t got enough stuff . I planted mini pumpkin seeds for them too but they came up as zucchini. Seed quality seems to have been an issue this year, but then again, us gardeners will look everywhere for an excuse for our failures.

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