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What is Inside an Icon On-Off Module Page 1

For this writeup, we chose to use an Icon On/Off module. This is the logical choice because most Insteon hackers are going to want On/Off functionality, and the Icon modules are the cheapest choice.

When you open up an Icon On/Off module, here is what you see. Click here or on the image for a full res.

insteon module inside

There are some key parts in here that we want to understand.

The Relay

insteon relay

The relay in an Insteon module is what converts the +5V signal from the CPU (a PIC microprocessor) to the 120V that comes out of your wall. In this case the relay is a Goodsky. You can see that it is rated at 16 Amps when used with 250 Volts AC, or 16 Amps when used with 30 Volts DC. These are a nice, solid relay.

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