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Dual 3 Amp H-Bridge for Robotics - Out of stock
We designed this dual 3 amp h-bridge for mini sumo robots, but it has many uses outside of robotics as well.
Detailed EasyGrow Greenhouse Review and Assembly Photos
Follow us as we assemble an Easy Grow Greenhouse and share the experience through photos. Very helpful guide if you are thinking about buying a greenhouse kit.
Growing Hydroponics Indoors in Trays
We show you a fool proof method to get excellent results growing hydroponics indoors in trays.
2 Liter Bottle Hydroponics
Growing hydroponics in 2 liter bottles is cheap, easy, and effective.
Dutch Buckets
Also called Bato buckets, these are an excellent way to increase your hydroponic yield and reduce your maintenance.
Hydroponics in Bus Boxes
Bus boxes make an excellent self contained hydroponics vessel for a leak proof setup.

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