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GE Whirlpool Gold Refridgerator Cost Tables At 0.22 Per Kwh

This guide is based on a cost of 0.22 per kilowatt hour. If this is not how much you pay per kilowatt hour, then please go to our How Much Do You Pay Per Kilowatt Hour guide and choose the correct amount.

If the value that you want is not listed here, consider using one that is a close match. For instance, if you want to know how much something costs you to use it 4 Hours Every Day For a Year, then simply use our 1 Hour Every Day For a Year value and multiply it by 4.

We have 1 recorded power state for this device
Power StateWatts Used
on134 watts

Mfg. Rated Amps:n/a
Mfg. Rated Volts:120
Mfg. Rated Watts:n/a
Method Used:Kill A Watt
Submitted By:jason
Date Recorded:2008-10-31 23:18:19
Extra info:Model GB2SHDXTS, Energy Star rating of 488KWh/year, Energy Star estimated cost $44/year, compressor start up requires 1700 watts. The average refridgerator runs 10 hours per day.
Various Costs for Power State 'on' at 0.22 Per kWh
Cost Per Minute0.00
Cost For One Month Continous21.52
Cost For One Year Continous258.24
Cost For 10 Minutes0.00
Cost For 10 Minutes Every Day For a Month0.15
Cost For 10 Minutes Every Day For a Year1.79
Cost For 30 Minutes0.01
Cost For 30 Minutes Every Day For a Month0.45
Cost For 30 Minutes Every Day For a Year5.38
Cost For 1 Hour0.00
Cost For 1 Hour Every Day For a Month0.90
Cost For 1 Hour Every Day For a Year10.76

Note: We use 30.42 days per month in our calculations, which is 365 / 12.

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