When can I plant my seeds

In the spring it’s always tempting to get out there and plant some seeds in your garden. I like to get started early and get the earliest crop possible. Generally speaking there are 2 things to monitor when it’s time to plant:

  • Soil Temperature
  • Last Frost

Soil Temperature

Most seed packets list the soil temperature required before planting. To measure your soil temperature you simply stick an instant read thermometer in the ground in various places around your property close to where you want to plant. I like to measure the lawn, the garden ground, and the garden mounds where I’ll be planting. If they are all over 60 degrees then the tomatoes are ready to go in.

If the last frost has passed…

Frost Date

Using the last frost date as a planting calendar is a common way of figuring out when you can plant. I’ve been using Frost Date to find last frost dates for family members when they ask. It’s a convenient summary of not only last frost dates but also planting calendars for each plant in each zone. I think you’l like it too.

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