• I Made a Funny Discovery Today

    I made a funny discovery today. Well, maybe not funny to you, but hilarious for me. I’ve been picking spinach by the handful and marveling at there being no leaf […]

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  • The Carrots are Up

    The carrots are up. A nice solid row that’s gonna need some thinning. I sprinkled kinda heavy because the seeds were free. My son gave them to me and said […]

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  • There Are Two Foot Tall Snapdragons Growing

    There are two foot tall snapdragons growing along my pea trellis and they have buds on them. They are too big to transplant so I will either have to make […]

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  • Try Eating the Leaves of your Broccoli

    I picked broccoli leaves yesterday and they were surprisingly clean. There was nothing in the water after the first rince. I don’t know how long it will be before we […]

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  • December is Time to Think About Next Years Seeds

    I checked my seed packets to see what I’ll need to get for the January indoor planting, and realized that we’ve had such a mild winter that my garden is […]

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  • Garden Chair

    My favorite garden tool is my lawn chair that tips back to get the kinks out of my back. I move it from sun to shade and do most of […]

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  • Hydroponic Pea Shoots

    I’ve tried lots of different hydroponics methods. While all of them work well, none of them addressed the exact needs that have. I want the following out of a hydroponics […]

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  • 2 Liter Bottle Hydroponics

    This is a fun and simple way to get into hydroponics gardening. 2 liter bottles make excellent hydroponics containers and they’re cheap. I’ve had excellent results growing lettuce in them, […]

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  • Hydroponic Dutch Buckets

    Of all the hydroponics methods I’ve tried, dutch buckets are probably the most effective at getting your plants to excel. I’ve never had as wonderful growth as I’ve had in […]

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  • Hydroponic Lettuce

    I’m always looking for 22″ to 24″ long containers that I can put under 4 foot long grow bulbs. After discovering bus boxes from the restaurant industry I think I’ve […]

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I’ve Just Read An Article About Photosynthesis

I’ve just read an article about photosynthesis that was enlightening. It seems that it is very inefficient in plants due to the action of RuBisCo, which does not always select carbon dioxide for the process. Twenty percent of the time it chooses oxygen instead, resulting in the formation of toxic substances. The plant devised means of removing the substance, called […]

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