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Insteon Timer Configs

Free Timer Config Software with Source Code

I wrote this application for 3 reasons:

  1. To learn how to program Insteon Timers into my PLC.
  2. To create an Open Source Visual Basic project for the Insteon Community.
  3. To make setting my alarm clock at night easier.

Here's the concept: I get up at a different time each morning, sometimes at 5:30, sometimes at 6:00, sometimes at 6:30. I use my Insteon network as an alarm clock; it turns my bedside lamp up to 20%, turns the living room on to 70%, and turns on my MP3 player.

The problem is that using InHomeFree or the free Timer Software from SmartHome it took way to long to change my timers every night.

Conceptually, I wanted to think of my timers as a Configuration. I wanted a repository of all my timer configs, and an easy way to dump them into the PLC.

Another good example is that I want to be able to change my timers when I am away on vacation, and then change them back when I come home. There needs to be a piece of software that remembers all my timer configs and can jump back and forth between all of them easily.

Insteon Timer Configs is my answer. It is free, the source code is free, and support is free until I get tired of it.

Where to get The Source Code

The source code and Win32 EXE are hosted at Download them using this link.

Where to get Help

Join our forum if you have any questions. There is a board dedicated to the Insteon Timer Configs located here.

Want to Help Make it Better

Please, head over to the forum and we'll talk about adding you to the sourceforge project.

What does it look Like

Here is a screen shot for ya...

insteon timer configs


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Tuesday, 28-May-2024 23:04:24 PDT