C# Text File

C# makes it extraordinarily easy to read and write text files. There is a static object called “File” (located in┬áSystem.IO) that does all the hard work for you. Look at how easy it is to read in a file, do some simple string processing on it, and then write it back out.

C# Read Text File To read the […]

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C# Switch

A switch statement in C# is a great way to switch between options. It is useful if you have a few or a lot of options. In many cases it is easier to understand that a bunch of “if-else” statements. The compiler will turn a switch statement into the equivalent of “if-else” statements, so there is no run-time penalty for […]

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In this guide we create a few serial functions that are very helpful in dealing with the USART on an AVR microprocessor. If you’ve been following along in these guides, then your STK500 should be setup like this. We need to add a couple of additional things if we are going to do serial port communications. The cables from PORTA […]

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