Time To Mulch

Start putting mulch around your summer plantings like melons and squash to keep the moisture in the soil. It will prevent blossom end rot on tomatoes too. I used my bolted lettuce plants around my Swiss chard, and bolted spinach plants along my bean row. Straw is an excellent mulch also. Lawn clippings and leaves are also good. Anything organic […]

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Leggy Veggie Starts

I believe that gardening is a series of annual experiments, with lot’s of opportunities to fail and succeed. Sometimes I intentionally “test” one theory against another, and sometimes nature forces that test on me. This year I bought, against my better judgement, some very leggy veggie starts from the local “we do it for charity” greenhouse. Normally these guys have […]

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Hydroponic Lettuce

I’m always looking for 22″ to 24″ long containers that I can put under 4 foot long grow bulbs. After discovering bus boxes from the restaurant industry I think I’ve found the best possible solution. They are food grade plastic and nice and deep. They’re thick and sturdy and very available online. The only difficulty is coming up with a […]

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