Leggy Veggie Starts

I believe that gardening is a series of annual experiments, with lot’s of opportunities to fail and succeed. Sometimes I intentionally “test” one theory against another, and sometimes nature forces that test on me. This year I bought, against my better judgement, some very leggy veggie starts from the local “we do it for charity” greenhouse. Normally these guys have […]

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When can I plant my seeds

In the spring it’s always tempting to get out there and plant some seeds in your garden. I like to get started early and get the earliest crop possible. Generally speaking there are 2 things to monitor when it’s time to plant: Soil Temperature Last Frost Soil Temperature Most seed packets list the soil temperature required before planting. To measure […]

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Scale an Image in C# Preserving Aspect Ratio

If you need to change the size of an Image without changing the ratio of X to Y then this function should do what you want. The input parameters maxWidth and maxHeight define the largest values that you want to get back out of the image after it has been scaled.

Results of Scaling an Image Here is a […]

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