Grow More Greenhouse Review 2018

I recently purchased an 8×12 EasyGrow Greenhouse from I chose the EasyGrow kit mostly because of cost. I did a lot of research into polycarbonate panels, and was unable to purchase enough clear panels to stick frame a greenhouse and save money versus the EasyGrow kit. Shipping on the panels was over $200 alone due to freight and crating […]

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Leggy Veggie Starts

I believe that gardening is a series of annual experiments, with lot’s of opportunities to fail and succeed. Sometimes I intentionally “test” one theory against another, and sometimes nature forces that test on me. This year I bought, against my better judgement, some very leggy veggie starts from the local “we do it for charity” greenhouse. Normally these guys have […]

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When can I plant my seeds

In the spring it’s always tempting to get out there and plant some seeds in your garden. I like to get started early and get the earliest crop possible. Generally speaking there are 2 things to monitor when it’s time to plant: Soil Temperature Last Frost Soil Temperature Most seed packets list the soil temperature required before planting. To measure […]

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