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Insteon Overview Page 2

Why Hacking

We beleive that any good technology has a solid base of hackers behind it. Just look at the TiVo hacking community and their success. Lets just keep it legal and safe! If the hombrew Home Automation community accepts Insteon as easy to hack, then it's place in Home Automation will be secure.

Most companies have to jump through hoops of laws and regulations to bring a new product to market. This makes most products target at the largest audience. Unfortuantly, the audience of people who want to connect an 8051 to thier house just isn't that large. The hacking community can take Insteon to the level of integration that most geeks demand.

Hardware vs Software

Most people get into the Software hacking because it is relativley safe, and offers a great deal of utility. If you are interested in this, head over to our guides.

If you are brave, or know a lot about electronics, we can use all the help we can get in Insteon Hardware Hacking section. This is not for the faint of heart.

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